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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  January 31, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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n hd. this is abc 7 news at 11:00 p.m. on your side. >> here we go again. the threat of snow could lead to a nightmare commute in the morning. we begin our storm watch tonight. we expect the storm to begin in a few short hours. >> what is the latest? >> the latest is we have the cold air and it is hard to believe that 24 hours ago we were in the 60's with heavy rain. there is that ripple in the atmosphere. it is continuing to track a bit more to the south. i think this will be the conversational brady. not a nightmare but daydreams. here on washington and you can see, a temperatures barely at the freezing mark. i think some snow flurries, a few folks in the southern
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suburbs. everything will be out of here by mid-morning. the dusting of snow. a minimal chance of any delays or cancellations. no chance of a major storm. i will join you and tell you what is big weather coming our way. >> just go to for instant weather. we will update the forecast and potential for traffic problems and school closings. the updated forecast is coming up in a few minutes. >> the other related issue. the storm from last night have proven deadly in laurel. people are outraged and sang the flooding to some extent could have been prevented.
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we explain why people are saying that. >> of people believe the flood gates should have been opened not very early this morning but adair to was coming. wsse the agency that opened the floodgates said they did not think it would be that bad. the good news is that water is receding. >> we're watching and seeing what it will do. >> hundreds of floral residents face a voluntary evacuation order. the rating waterway has creeped into the backyard. >> it is around 4 5 feet of water. >> the frustration is not limited to a storm system. >> the majority of the flooding here was caused after wssc opened floodgates upstream. they said they forced to do
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it to protect the integrity of their dams. >> the mayor also thinks the agency couldave informed him sooner. >> do you feel like they did not communicate as much as they could have? >> i have some concerns, yes. >> it also took more than a dozen commuters by surprise. drivers were clearly warned cannot park in the slot because it is prone to flooding but by the afternoon the vehicles had been towed to higher ground. some sustained water damage. when those commuters hopped off the train their cars were gone. >> she made a bad decision by parking here. >> i do not know what to do. >> it will cost each of those vehicle owners about $150 to get their car back. the good news according to laurel and wssc officials, they
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believe this is the worth -- the worst of it unless we get another big storm soon. >> a busy roadway that many of you use the shutting down. what could create major problems on your right to and from work. vodt isdot is shutting down this roadway. the impact that this could have on many of you at home. >> as of now it is shut down. a little over an hour ago police came here and they shut the section down. this is part of a giant construction project going on that is supposed to make travel in this area a lot better. in the meantime, you're going to have to experience a little pain. after many years tonight for the final time drivers made their way from the southeast freeway street to pennsylvania avenue.
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freddie will not be an option. >> it will be a hardship. >> yes. >> this is part of the biggest road project in d.c. government history. it is aimed at making it much easier to get from to 95 through capitol hill and downtown and vice versa. some new rams have opened up but the project is still far from finished. >> it will take a while for these major improvements to be finalized. already we're seeing some improvement in place. >> tomorrow afternoon's rush hour is likely going to be rough. >> i live across the bridge. i have to figure that out. a huge problem. >> officials say after that driver should start getting used to new ways to get around. some say ultimately -- >> it will be a great improvement. prexy think it will in the end? >> we will wait and see.
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>> with this option taken away, what will you do? if you're used to seeing the freeway and going across the river on pennsylvania avenue that is where you can do anymore. you have to take the 11th street bridge off the highway, down to 295 and then go up to pennsylvania and if you want to get off right there. if you're coming from southeast you can do the opposite of that together. >> a startling admission by vice-president joe biden and the gun control debate. curbs will not ensure an end to mass death. the vice president is urging senate democrats to support their assault weapons ban and require background checks. curving forms will save lives without restricting the right to bear arms, he said. >> if you are a redskins fan get
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ready to pay more. if you attend a game next season. the team announced it is raising ticket prices by no more than 10%. the cost of parking will increase to $40 and this is the first price hike in seven seasons. >> the ravens are less than 72 hours away from the showdown. by now there are more fans out there. some without tickets to the game. it will be a costly challenge. the story new at 11:00 p.m. >> it is a little chilly in new orleans tonight. i have not heard any complaints. it can see the town is filling up with people dressed in purple and that is not just for mardi gras. that is ravens purple. we saw tonight was the official
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kickoff of the pregame celebration. the official super bowl pregame festival kick off with a bang tonight. with fireworks as a backdrop, the huge new rules were floated up to the water park. it is being called super bowl boulevard. >> this is great. >> she is part of a huge crowd of fans from our area to arrive today. kim jackson came from annapolis. a trip to have been planning for a while. >> we got our tickets when we beat england. i told my wife were going to the super bowl. >> others are still looking for tickets. there will be in luck if they have the cash. prices are still way above face value but have dropped a little
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on the ticket website. we met this guy tonight. he is a ticket broker. the prices will hold at about that level. he showed israel tickets with their embossed face and black light water mark. he said watch out for fakes. >> it sounds too good to be true it probably is. >> and do not have to worry about that at all. >> we got some more prices. want to have spent $3,000, you might want to jersey or t- shirts. the official licensed jersey, $135. >> thank you. it may have heard beyoncé is in new orleans had a per halftime performance.
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she was -- responded for the first time about the lip- synching controversy during the presidential inauguration. ♪ oh say can you see ♪ >> she is admitted to lip- synching during the inauguration. she said for inaugural -- she said for several reasons. she did not have enough time to practice. she said she wanted the day to go off without a hitch. she will have a huge audience sunday night. the halftime show featuring madonna had 114 million viewers. setting a super bowl record. >> why did she wait two weeks? >> a lot of people wondering that. >> we have a warning for you if you like to have an evening beer or glass of wine. >> there is a way to see how your face is affected and is on your phone. i will show you how works.
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the surprising group behind it next. >> death and destruction after this tornado tore through town. why was one of the most powerful we have seen in a while. >> we're keeping close watch.
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>> this is abc 7 newsom 11:00 p.m. on your side. >> we are taking a closer look at what alcohol this to your body. >> all this comes as a new cell phone app clinton can show the physical signs of aging caused by your favorite beer glass of wine. are these really accurate? >> this is the drinking mirror. it is designed to target women who drink heavily.
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they go after the one thing that typically gets our attention, or looks. the health risks associated with hitting the bottle are far from pew. >> i would say the damage. >> liver or kidney damage. >> could how much you drink be written all over your face? >> i heard once it might affect you physically but not to the degree that smoking does. >> kate and rachel have considered how many happy hours might wreak havoc on their waistline but never on their faces. the drinking beermirror app allows users to upload a picture and see what it will look like in 10 years. >> that is not real. >>it is not a pretty picture.
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>> i don't really believe it. or choose not to. that seems excessive. >> is it? to see how realistic all this is supposed damage really is i decided to put this app and myself under the hands of a professional. >> that is not necessarily related to alcoholism. >> that is pretty realistic. there is some truth to the crash-inducing image. >> alcohol has been shown to diminish the elasticity of your skin so that you show more wrinkles. also you get more sensitive to the sun. you end up with more haughtiness tears can -- blotchiness to your
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skin. >> our dermatologist says these images should be taken with a grain of salt. a drink or two each week will not do long-term damage. they're trying to encourage people to look at how small changes can have an impact on their health. >> it makes you stop and think. >>our region remains on storm watch but the national weather service is confirming it was a deadly ef 3 tornado that tore through village in georgia. i can generate winds up to 160 miles per hour. one person was killed. more than 100 homes and buildings were affected.
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>> extremely unusual. and the first fatality with a tornado that size. >> right back into the cold. we have a [inaudible] this is the son said. a beautiful sky today but it was a chilly sky. our high-temperature was after midnight. it felt like it was in a 60's. this will go into the record books. 66 degrees and since then, since the line of heavy showers came through, the temperatures dropped more than 30 degrees. 20's to the west. in southern maryland, of fredericksburg those are the areas more than likely to see a little bit of light snow in the morning.
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maybe a dusting. maybe in the grassy areas. the winds they have really settle down for what they were yesterday. here is what is going on. it can see with this cold air like effect snow to the north. here is the area that i am watching. around lexington and kentucky. to get an idea of the way that is moving. most of that will be moving to the south and toward charlottesville toward the early morning hours. all of that such as it is will be moving rapidly. it is 8 degrees right now. in chicago. there is the torrential rain. there is that krepol coming through.
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temperatures will be in the 20's. for you early risers, plan on seeing some snow flurries. in the darker blue, that is where this will move off. you might see a dusting to it. the main effect after that moves by will be another surge of cold air tomorrow afternoon. a few flurries, dusting. stay in the lane, you will be all right. as we get into tomorrow afternoon, sunshine is back. cold and blustery. temperatures will be a bit lower tomorrow afternoon than in the morning. that is in the high 20's. ground hog day, it will be a chilly ground out. partly cloudy skies next week. it quite weak. no big problems. -- it will be a quiet week.
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>> let's check in with tim brant. >> thank you. welcome to the big easy as we close in on superbowl sunday. the parties are in full swing. the players are getting feisty. the garay rice. the 49ers will get a full
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>> welcome back to new orleans. the baltimore ravens had everyone talking. they told the nfl it wanted to move their practice facility from tulane university all the way over to the saints bubble, where the foreigners were practicing. the field was too hard and too short. >> it is on the baseball field. we were practicing on yesterday. it is really tight. when you stop and start you can feel it right now. we all know about playing on that hard surface like that. it is not good for an athlete's life. >> ray lewis.
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earlier i had a chance to talk with dr. attucks. he opereated on rg3. he perform that first acl surgery. rg3 started his rehab in florida. i ask the doctor rethinks he will be -- if he thinks he will be the same. >> what makes robert special is from the neck out. he will e that much marder for having experienced this moving forward. >> let me take you -- the caps
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are struggling for points. getting the caps to lead but everything fell apart. and lighting the lamp with 10 minutes to go. it turned out to be the game- winner. a-list tonight in canada. -- they lose tonight in canada. how about phil mickelson at the phoenix open? he had a 59 from 25 feet out. he cannot believe it would not go. he had 11 birdies, nobodies, and he is the first-round leader by four. the big story here in new orleans, we're gearing up for the super bowl. it is sunday afternoon. the reagans and the 49ers and it should be fun. back to you. >> we will be right
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hi, good to see you. start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here. >> we will be right
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>> some light snow out of the mountains of west virginia.
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for you folks in southern maryland charles county calvert county, tomorrow, that is the area that may see a bit of a dusting. some flurries and maybe a dusting arou
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